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Hello and Welcome. Coach ‘B’ here. I'm a coach of beginner entrepreneurs and the founder of a program called Livin’ the Dream Coaching. I’ve spent my entire career starting, building, and launching businesses of my own. More than 18 years ago I started True North Business Development, LLC, and now I manage 5 web properties—;;,; and last but not least, which I launched back in April of 2020.

On September 23rd of 2015, my marketing department, consisting of 6 highly successful Business Development Managers, working for a company called Purch, were summarily discharged out of the blue, as a result of a ‘merger and acquisition’ play by a company called Future Inc. which purchased Purch. My salvation was the fact that over the previous 4 and 1/2 years I had made over 1.4 million dollars as a Sr. Business Development Manager/Consultant to more than 300 small businesses, along with a few corporate giants such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Adobe.

I have 44 years of sales and marketing experience under my belt, both as a business owner and as a small business marketing consultant. I’ve served over 350 different business owners and manufacturers during that time, and in the process I learned the secrets of success that helped release my Plus Factor, which by-the-way lies dormant in most of us. When that happened, everything changed for me.

Once I aligned all 3 of my minds - my conscious mind, my sub-conscious mind, and my vibrational mind - and I attuned to what I call the 'Incomprehensible It', I became serious about success and following its laws. In doing so, I immediately began to attract my Dreams and Hopes right into the portal of my mind, and then, as I performed specific tasks that I’ll share with you later, my dreams began to manifest themselves right into my world of the physical ... one piece at a time! In other words, thoughts literally became physical things as I brought them through the portal of my mind and into my world of the physical.

During my 44 years of adult life, I have overcome a variety of struggles. I’ve experienced at least two separate 12-month stints of unemployment; the death of two of my 8 children; and I went through an ugly lawsuit, which lasted more than 5 years. I finally won, but it cost me more than $35,000 I didn't have and encroached on more than five years of my life! It too became a teacher of the laws of success for me.

Once I finally achieved the alignment of my three minds, the KEY secret to success began to direct almost all my decisions and became the core philosophy of my coaching system which I'm calling "Livin’ the Dream Coaching". Once this alignment happened for me, my entire life changed dramatically. It helped me attract the means to pursue my passion and has allowed me to capitalize on the entrepreneurial spirit in such a way, that I’ve been able to utilize every single one of my interests & talents on a daily basis. It’s so exciting to experience what I get to experience, especially at this season of my life. I feel young, productive, and useful!

I believe my previous 44 years of “life experiences” have prepared me for this very moment in time! The fact that you are reading my story, confirms that you are being prepared to attract your dream of owning your own into the portal of your mind, so you can bring it through the portal of your mind and manifest it into your world of the physical. It’s not by happenstance that we are meeting this way and at this time, I assure you, and in time you’ll come to believe that this is true, if you don’t already believe it. I suggest you do it as soon as possible!

Today I have the honor of serving beginner entrepreneurs just like you. My role is to help my beginner entrepreneurs learn the keys to deciding on, and then define their business idea so that it's tailor-made just for them. My goal is to help you prepare yourself and your business in such a way, that both you and your business will be prepared to have a successful launch. Once you launch your business, I’ll continue to help you grow your business to whatever size and income level you desire, and I’ll do it for as long as you need and want my help.

My beginner entrepreneur clients range from young adults, both men and women, to empty nesters. The bottom line? I’m just an ordinary person with an extraordinary dream, and I suspect that this describes you too. If it does then take that leap of faith in yourself, and in the idea that having a coach to help guide you, might just be your winning ticket! I believe that the entrepreneurial spirit burning within you and in every entrepreneur I know, coupled with the help of the laws of attraction and manifestation, are the driving force behind you coming to check out the Livin’ the Dream Coaching and its community of beginner entrepreneurs! I welcome you ... my fellow entrepreneur, ... and I look forward to seeing you on my next Live Coaching Call, but until then ...

I wish you continued success! Bye.

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