Offline Marketing

I currently have a job where I do some coaching as part of my job description. My company is a little sensitive to employees having other jobs or side gigs that might be seen as a conflict of interest. After a lot of prayer and contemplation, I am starting my own consulting business and I feel I need to find my first clients with as little visibility as possible (on the DL I guess you could say!). I was planning to run Facebook ads and do free webinars to get clients, but I feel like I may need to do some offline marketing first. Do you have any experience with finding clients without running ads, and if so, do you have any tips?


There are lots of options. Start with where your ideal client is. “What are they reading? Where do they hang out? What places do they like to frequent?” Explore those audiences and see if there are any opportunities to market to them. You can also offer workshops, meetup groups, vendor booths, speaking engagements, etc. Be sure to capture their contact information, including their email addresses so you can begin a relationship with them and provide them “results ahead of time” offers that encourage them to give you their contact information. You can also work on a referral program to get new leads. All of these options are a great way to get the word out.

Until next time, I wish you continued success.

Coach B

My Business is Stalled

I am in skincare and wellness and I love helping others feel confident in their skin. I believe we show up better in our lives when we feel confident. I am putting out content for others to follow and a Facebook group for more in-depth content. But my clientele has shrunk over the past 3 months and I am not sure how to propel my business forward. What do you suggest?


You need to be working on filling all the buckets for your business. Strangers, Acquaintances, Fans, and Customers. Check out Step Lesson 12 of my 12 Sequential Steps to Starting and Launching Your Business Successfully (the 12th video lesson) if you don’t know what I’m talking about. However, all the Step Lesson videos teach you how to do this. I pay money to move strangers into and fill my acquaintances bucket.

I don’t pretend that people will just come if I just put work out there. It doesn’t really work that way in my experience. I highly recommend using You Tube Video Ads. Make sure you watch Step Lesson 12 – Marketing Your business … if you haven’t already.

I Wish You Continued Success,

Coach B

Beginner Entrepreneur Question

I am just starting to Blog and want to acquire a following. But I’ve decided to direct my blogging business towards teaching with courses, ebooks, and eventually live events/conferences. I am really passionate about the things I want to teach, and I know there is a need for it. My problem is, I feel that my followers will want to just get everything for free. I think I’ll have a hard time getting any sales with this as my product and or products.

This is where my heart is going. I want to connect with readers on a personal level, but maybe they won’t want this. Or maybe I need to start out with a low priced item that leads to bigger, more expensive priced items?

Funnels are new to me, but I do have a couple of small funnels set up. I don’t really have a plan for getting people into my funnel however (Still figuring that out). How do I find out what will jive with my readers? I’d really like for this to be a success and to know that the time I am putting into creating products is worth it.

It is really hard to break old habits and so I find myself doubting my abilities to work towards my dreams/passion for my business and falling back into the comfortable task of just being a blogger, hiding behind a computer screen. Teaching, training, and having people see my face is definitely scarier but necessary if I want them to trust me.

Maybe I’m going about this all wrong. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
~Confused former-blogger!


Please don’t take my answer as criticism because it isn’t. However, let me suggest that you read your question and see how many times you expressed doubt and not at all what you would want to have happen. The Law of Attraction works both ways. So, always, always, always speak what you want and never what you don’t want to have or have happen. With that said, always remember that to go somewhere new and exciting, and to do something different than you have ever done before, you will have to think like you’ve never thought before, and that will make you behave or do something you’ve never done before. Like I said, notice your thoughts:
T: I feel that my followers will want to just get everything for free.
T: I think I’ll have a hard time getting any sales with this as my product and or products.
T: Maybe they won’t want this.
T: I don’t really have a plan for getting people into my funnel however.
T: It’s really hard to break old habits.
T: I find myself doubting my abilities to work towards my dreams/passion for my business and falling back into the comfortable task of just being a blogger, hiding behind a computer screen.

Put these thoughts into the CTFAR Model and see what Feelings, Actions, and Results they create. Are these thoughts serving you and helping you to show up in a way that serves the better you?

Now, consider this slight shift in your thinking:

T: My followers are going to go crazy for this new offering.
T: My readers will totally want this.
T: The time I’m putting into this is absolutely worth the effort, etc.

Now, see what result these thoughts create for you. Is there a difference? Granted, you might not believe these thoughts right now or you might need to massage them into what is possible and believable for you right now, but the thoughts you choose to focus on … will attract the results that you’ve linked to them.

All of the actions you share are right on – you have to take your customers on a journey and tell them why they need to buy these things from you now. It’s your role to bring them along and create the interest, by sharing some results ahead of time to help them buy into your offering. Some will come, others won’t, but that isn’t your business. Your work is a success mentality effort. It is committing to the idea that it is absolutely possible to succeed with this change in direction, and believing this will help you take massive action until it does. I believe you can do this.

Until next time I wish you continued success.

Coach ‘B’

Small Business Tech Tools

Hi Coach ‘B’. I need your help on what business tools and or programs and technology I should use for my business. There are SO many products and programs and technology tools out there for doing things like video editing, web design, or marketing, accounting, and for just about everything you can think of. If I were to get just a few of them it’s over $500 a month. What tools do you use or recommend as the essential tools for a beginner entrepreneur like me?

For example: What do you use for recording and editing your videos, and then to host and or store them?  There are many more tech needs that I am not sure how to solve, and I am not sure what solutions I should choose from the long list I’ve made. I’m getting very clear about my business idea and my purpose for starting it. I know what my vision is for it too. But, I get paralyzed by all the tech stuff and what solutions I should use. Can you help me? Thanks Coach B.


It really depends on what type of business you are wanting to start or have started, as well as where you are in your business’s progress, meaning the size, etc. But, generally speaking, here are some options you may want to consider:
-Video Related Tools: You can record videos using your own computer or you can get a professional videographer to do them. I use my Windows Video & Camera to record videos for now … because it’s free.
-Video Editing: there is Camtasia, Movavi, and again, Windows has a Video Editor that’s free as well.
-Email Marketing: Constant Conatct, Mailchimp, and Aweber are all good; I use Ontraport because it offers more tools.
-Membership System: I use Ontraport for my Membership System, but you can use a plugin called Memberpress.
-Online Webinars & Calls: I use Zoom.
-Storage: I use Microsoft, Zoom, and Vimeo. There is also Dropbox. All of them are pretty good.

This is not an exhaustive list of the tech tools for sure, but I would suggest that you do some homework on them and research each one so you can make an informed decision based on your particular needs. Hope that helps.

Until next time, I wish you continued success!

Coach B