I remember my experience trying to write and design my first Facebook Ad. You can bring that question to the next Zoom Webinar Live Coaching call, or if you need 1-on-1 help you can set up a personal coaching call with me, or you can do what I did and that was to get a Facebook Ads Coach through
In choosing a Domain Name you always want to have as simple a name as possible and where possible have it refer to what it is your business does. Large enterprise companies can play the Brand Game because they have the money to advertise ubiquitously all across the world. You and I don’t, so, we need to have a Domain Name that it is easy for people to remember, and is self-identifiable as to what it is your business is all about.
You can expect an answer from me within 24 hours or less. If I find that I cannot get to it in time I will send you an email to let you know. I always give your questions real thought and so I don’t want to short-change my answers just to meet a deadline.
Once you sign-up to be a member of Livin’ the Dream Coaching your monthly fee will be a reoccurring charge each month. However, you can stop your membership by emailing me the cancelation form through Ask Coach B, or to: … and I will cancel your membership so that you are not charged for the next month on.
Yes. You can go to the Order Form where you order the 12 Sequential Steps to Start and Launch Your Business Successfully Lessons are and select the Package Option and pay the $475 and you will no longer be charged the monthly fee until your renewal comes around in 12 months, at which time you will be charged for another 12 months at the discounted rate.
Every month (or year if you signed up on an annual plan) you will be automatically charged until you cancel your membership. You can stay as long or as brief (minimum one month) as you want but we recommend at least a year to see the best results in your life. If you are on an annual plan, you will receive an email reminder a few days before your next payment is charged.
Yes. We require a 24-hour notice. You can cancel by submitting the CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM. I will cancel your membership within 24 hours. If you are scheduled to be charged again within 24-hours, then the next month will be cancelled but the month you are in will not be refunded, as I do not pro-rate any given month for any reason. Please note if you cancel and then choose to return, you will be required to return at whatever the membership and or Lesson rates are at the time you choose to return.
If you have any other questions that I haven’t covered here, you can email support at:

If you have any other questions not covered here, you can email support at