My Business is Stalled

I am in skincare and wellness and I love helping others feel confident in their skin. I believe we show up better in our lives when we feel confident. I am putting out content for others to follow and a Facebook group for more in-depth content. But my clientele has shrunk over the past 3 months and I am not sure how to propel my business forward. What do you suggest?


You need to be working on filling all the buckets for your business. Strangers, Acquaintances, Fans, and Customers. Check out Step Lesson 12 of my 12 Sequential Steps to Starting and Launching Your Business Successfully (the 12th video lesson) if you donΓÇÖt know what IΓÇÖm talking about. However, all the Step Lesson videos teach you how to do this. I pay money to move strangers into and fill my acquaintances bucket.

I don’t pretend that people will just come if I just put work out there. It doesn’t really work that way in my experience. I highly recommend using You Tube Video Ads. Make sure you watch Step Lesson 12 – Marketing Your business … if you haven’t already.

I Wish You Continued Success,

Coach B