Small Business Tech Tools

Hi Coach ‘B’. I need your help on what business tools and or programs and technology I should use for my business. There are SO many products and programs and technology tools out there for doing things like video editing, web design, or marketing, accounting, and for just about everything you can think of. If I were to get just a few of them itΓÇÖs over $500 a month. What tools do you use or recommend as the essential tools for a beginner entrepreneur like me?

For example: What do you use for recording and editing your videos, and then to host and or store them? ┬áThere are many more tech needs that I am not sure how to solve, and I am not sure what solutions I should choose from the long list I’ve made. I’m getting very clear about my business idea and my purpose for starting it. I know what my vision is for it too. But, I get paralyzed by all the tech stuff and what solutions I should use. Can you help me? Thanks Coach B.


It really depends on what type of business you are wanting to start or have started, as well as where you are in your business’s progress, meaning the size, etc. But, generally speaking, here are some options you may want to consider:
-Video Related Tools: You can record videos using your own computer or you can get a professional videographer to do them. I use my Windows Video & Camera to record videos for now … because it’s free.
-Video Editing: there is Camtasia, Movavi, and again, Windows has a Video Editor that’s free as well.
-Email Marketing: Constant Conatct, Mailchimp, and Aweber are all good; I use Ontraport because it offers more tools.
-Membership System: I use Ontraport for my Membership System, but you can use a plugin called Memberpress.
-Online Webinars & Calls: I use Zoom.
-Storage: I use Microsoft, Zoom, and Vimeo. There is also Dropbox. All of them are pretty good.

This is not an exhaustive list of the tech tools for sure, but I would suggest that you do some homework on them and research each one so you can make an informed decision based on your particular needs. Hope that helps.

Until next time, I wish you continued success!

Coach B